Consider this: Promotional products are the only form of advertising your customers actually thank you for. That’s an extremely powerful relationship-building moment.

Yet, if not done well, it can easily become another thing that only adds to the noise and goes unnoticed, delivering a poor ROI.

We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. This is how we do that.

The Doubletake Process

We are your strategic, creative, and execution partner – all the way through.

Step 1:

Understanding the Context


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Step 2:

Finding the Right Idea


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Step 3:

Making Them Look Twice


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Matt at Doubletake was instrumental in helping me with a project that had a very successful outcome. Not only did he come up with a unique item but had it delivered on a timely basis at a very fair price. I got wonderful feedback and made 1,300 people very happy.

I also challenged Doubletake to come up with a replica of Olympic gold, silver and bronze medals to be awarded during a team building exercise. They came up with the perfect solution and again success all around. I highly recommend Matt and Doubletake and will be happy to work with them again on future projects.

Diane Rubin, Director of Office Services, EisnerAmper LLP (accounting firm), New York City, & nine locations worldwide