Company History

Doubletake is proud to serve clients throughout the country, and in all walks of industry.  We are strategic marketing partners to colleges and universities, financial firms, not-for-profit organizations, advertising agencies, restaurants, law firms, professional sports teams, retail stores, major consumer brands, auto dealerships, and the list goes on…

Doubletake was founded in 2010, and like all businesses, it began with one sale and one client.  Proudly, this first client is still a valued member of the Doubletake family.

This is a testament to our company’s philosophy: we build long-term relationships with our clients and look to grow with them, strategically and creatively. We nurture and respect every order and every client – big or small – because each one of them is a part of the backbone of our business.


Matt Deutschman, founder, Doubletake
“Every project and every client is different and it allows me to stay creative and on my toes.”

Matt Deutschman is fourth generation in his family in the promotional marketing industry and founded Doubletake in 2010.  He has a BS in Journalism and Political Science from Northwestern University and a Masters in Middle & High School English Education from CUNY Lehman College.

Matt’s journalism background provides the framework for one of his most important strengths – and a cornerstone of the Doubletake process:  the ability to ask clients the right questions to best understand their organization and marketing needs.

Perhaps due to his New York roots, he has a deeply ingrained “Get-It-Done” mentality, which enables him to remain solutions-focused and exercise resourcefulness in all his client dealings.

In his free time, Matt enjoys hiking, camping, grilling, reading a good book, and rooting for the New York Mets, Dallas Cowboys, and Northwestern Football and Basketball.  He does all of the above with his wonderful wife and baby boy, who was born in 2016.

Doubletake has been handling my client appreciation gifts for birthdays and holidays for about 3 years. I am beyond satisfied with the quality of the products they offer. More importantly, when working with Matt, it’s not like he hands me a catalog and says “pick something.” Matt adds a lot of value in understanding my clients and process, and comes up with ideas and presents them to me, which I find extremely valuable. Matt knows that I have had wine tastings and he also knows that I like good beer. Matt’s Holiday gift idea for 2014 was beer or wine glasses to my clients with their initials engraved on the glass along with my company logo.

Of equal importance, Doubletake’s service is fantastic. We ran into an issue with a couple of the wine glasses shattering during delivery. As soon as 2 of my clients informed me of this unfortunate turn of events, I let Matt know about it. Matt offered to contact every single client to make sure all clients received a full set of unbroken glasses. Not only was this extremely courteous, it saved me the time of doing it. As it turned out, only 2 clients were impacted, but Matt made sure ALL clients received a set of glasses! That is going above and beyond!

Michael B. Seidenfrau, CRPC®, First Vice President, Financial Advisor